iridescence is the property of certain surfaces that appear to change colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes.

ascension, moving upwards

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Brothers vs Rengar

Notice how both hiss back at Rengar

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Stills from Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms, an upcoming chinese animated feature film. The trailer was animated by only 2 guys, Li Wei and Pei Fei.


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(( generaldarius at your service

Darius took 3 ults to the face and punched Rengar with his bare fists.


(( generaldarius at your service

Darius took 3 ults to the face and punched Rengar with his bare fists.


I found this on space mail, thought it was pretty nice/interesting: 

Someone once told me that the universe wants to align itself in ways that act in your best interest, based on how you actively express your desires to it. Also, it doesn’t understand negatives.

What this person meant was if you’re running late and you think to yourself “I don’t want to be late” then the universe doesn’t understand the negative part, the “don’t” part. It thinks you’re saying “I want to be late.”

Instead of thinking “I don’t want to be late” think “I want to be early” or “I want to be on time.” The universe understands these requests and will align itself to give you them. If you think “I don’t want to be late” the universe might give you the opposite of what you want!

I’m not sure if I believe it, but I find if I think in positives instead of negatives (“I will do better” instead of “I don’t want to do worse”) it makes me feel more powerful. It makes me feel like the universe is on my side.


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conceal, don’t feel

I am Lux. Lux is me









i could masturbate to this article that’s how much it pleases me

everything about this screams fedora 

oh my god this is fucking incredible oh my god

holy shit

and when you go to a restaurant and eat something cooked by man, that’s where another man put something inside your body that I didn’t. And when the male dentist looks inside your mouth, that’s where another man invaded your mouth. And when the male cashier sells you those clothes, every time you wear them you will think of him, not me.

don’t even get me STARTED on your gynecologist

If you ever want to read the whol article,it’s here. And it is as shitty as the abstract make it look like.

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I can still smell your attitude from miles away, Haru. 


How am I supposed to take that?

 #I can’t believe you remember me holy shit

Haru FFS you smooched with my lil bro how could I forget you you little shit.

I don’t follow you because your blog is a clusterfuck of shit but I still have you in my heart.





I know this isn’t the place to ask this, but I seriously don’t have anywhere else to go with this question, I’m too anxious to ask any IRL friends because I know they’ll look bad at my boyfriend for it later, they’re sweet and protective but I don’t wanna get him any more trouble for being a derp


What do people do together? How living with another person should work? The only thing we’ve managed to come up with were 

  1. roleplaying
  2. playing videogames, mostly League?
  3. watching streams and movies

And maybe some worldbuilding but if we aren’t in gaming mood, then we just stare at each other and be like ??? wat do.

We’re both introverts, though I need the occasional social interaction, while he is a major loner.

I need ideas as to how co-exist, instead of just occupying the same 20 square meters. 

What do people do together? How do couples spend time?

iamnyanpi karukos foolish-canadian-boy aatrox @peachsticks I’m tagging you because ??? I feel like you guys just might have the slightest idea. 

Someone please show to Rina, fuck mention system. 

i am probably the last person you should be asking for ideas since I games…and my relationship experience is abysmal… but here, lemme notify Rina


my idea would be to get a long-ass rpg game and get through it together in multiple sessions but idk might not be up your ballpark

or try cooking together that might work


okay i do need to clarify something though. i HAVE lived with a boyfriend in the past but it was that shitty ex of mine but like, at first it actually was really nice so my advice won’t be 100% crap LOL

sometimes we did cook together and by cook together i mean buy frozen pizza and heat it up HAHAHA but no, making a meal together actually is a really nice idea. it doesn’t always  have to be a fancy giant dinner/lunch either, you both could just help out making something quick and then moving to another room to watch streams/tv/shows together or even read together if he likes that? or read aloud to one another if that’s something either of you would consider. pick a book and work through it a bit at a time! i mean, obvs don’t be shoving sandwiches in your mouth then reading a passage but lmfao yeah.

like, i obvs don’t LIVE with riven but when i’ve visited him i’ve actually found that i really enjoy just quiet time with him whether we’re watchin’ stuff or just derping on tumblr together. i think when you spend a lot of time with someone like moving in (or in this example of me visiting for a week), being able to spend chill time with them is equally important to going out and doing stuff. 

i think it’d mostly just be about compromising when trying to do stuff together? i don’t imagine you both will always want to do the same exact things at the same time so maybe make plans to do something later in the week like go out and do errands together or perhaps do something a bit more fun (idk what there is to do in your area but if there’s an event or something he wouldn’t mind doing with you, look into those!). hell, even just going outside and walking around a bit and having casual chats about random stuff is very nice. could help keep you both feeling from too shut in! like, i certainly do enjoy being inside and chilling but sometimes i feel closed in so i need to go out on a walk or bike ride or derp around town.

i think the most important part of sharing a space with someone is making sure to have spaces that are for each of you. being around one another ALL THE TIME can get frustrating after a while. not in a horrible bad way but there’s times when you both want or need time to yourself to do things on your own or just have some chill self time and whatnot. that could be you going out and frolicking by yourself or having a little spot where you can do aque things on your own… same for him! 

Thank Rina.

Much help.

Still don’t know what to talk about with him but I suppose I should first and foremost be an interesting person myself and only then I can give something out.

I keep forgetting that. Maybe that’s the issue. 

Thanks everyone. 

I can still smell your attitude from miles away, Haru. 

I remember being friends with some people that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t even recognise me right now and that’s scary.

I wonder if there are people thinking the same of me right now.